Watch CNN's Wolf Blitzer grill a House Intel Republican for backing Trump's latest weakening of NATO
CNN host Wolf Blitzer (left) and Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT, right). Image via screengrab.

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, House Intelligence Committee Member Chris Stewart (R-UT) sputtered while trying to defend Donald Trump's Russian hacking posturing and his bizarre mention of the tiny NATO country of Montenegro.

During an interview the previous night with Fox News' Tucker Carlson, Trump referred to the tiny Balkan nation as "very aggressive" and warned it could "spark World War III" if it attacked Russia in spite of having a military to match its minuscule size.

Per the rules of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, member states must come to the aid of any country attacked, and according to Stewart, those rules could use some tinkering.

He went on to say that he's been saying "for two or three years" that NATO allies need to spend more on their own defense, suggesting that the US should not aid Montenegro should Russia attack it. Last year, Russia did exactly that when it launched an election day attack on the Balkan country during its election day. 

"It's a bit of a family squabble," Stewart said, "but there's no question that the policy is exactly right. NATO members have to be willing to contribute to their own defense and why? To counter Russia, an expansionist Russia."

The House Intelligence Committee member concluded by saying that he agreed with Trump's claim that he's been "tough" on Russia.

Watch below, via CNN: