Melania Trump's spokeswoman lashes out at 'disrespectful and hypocritical' women on The View
Whoopi Goldberg, Ana Navarro, Joy Behar -- screenshot

The director of communications for First Lady Melania Trump lashed out at the hosts of ABC's "The View" on Friday.

East Wing spokesperson Stephanie Grisham charged the program was "disrespectful" for criticizing Melania Trump for standing by her husband's birther conspiracy theories.

As Raw Story reported Friday, the hosts of The View had harsh words for Grisham's boss.

“Everybody in the White House, including the First Lady, have issued denials that they wrote the anonymous op-ed about working against you know who,” host Whoopie Goldberg noted, with laughter.

“I recall that Melania was also a birther,” host Sunny Hostin added. “Weren’t those words very important?”

Grisham's battle against ABC's "The View" came one day after she attacked HBO's "Insecure" from her official government Twitter account in an attempt to get the show cancelled. In August, Grisham whined about CNN and in June she lashed out at the "silly" press.

Watch the segment in question: