Trump booster taken off Fox News after he angered the president: report
David Bossie (Fox News screengrab)

Fox News has reportedly banished an employee from the airwaves after he angered President Donald Trump.

David Bossie, the head of the conservative Citizens United activist group and former Trump deputy campaign manager, had regularly appeared on Fox News until the network stopped booking him to appease the president, reported The Daily Beast.

Trump was infuriated by reports that Bossie had raised millions by aligning with the president but spending very little of those funds on political activity.

Three sources told The Daily Beast that Fox News kept Bossie off the air because its opinion programming is designed not to anger the president, who is a regular viewer and frequent booster.

Trump's campaign sent out an official statement denouncing Bossie's activity, and Fox News and Fox Business employees raised ethical concerns about the fundraising.

A Fox News source made clear they had no evidence the White House or the Trump campaign had formally requested Bossie be taken off the air, but this person was told Trump's allies at the network felt it was best to keep him from appearing on TV until the president had cooled off.

A Daily Beast analysis found Bossie had not appeared on Fox News or Fox Business since April 30, just before the reports surfaced about his fundraising.

He had appeared at least twice a week during that same month, and his opinion columns had appeared about once a week on -- until May 1, when his last column was published there.

A Fox News spokeswoman denied the sources' claims as "not accurate," but declined to be more specific, and Bossie declined to comment.

Bossie was suspended last year for two weeks for telling a black Democratic strategist on-air, “You’re out of your cotton-picking mind!”