Former Paul Ryan aide jabs Justin Amash as part of the Republican Party's problems
Rep. Justin Amash (Image credit: CNN)

Rep. Justin Amash (MI) announced after the special counsel's report that he was firmly behind impeachment for President Donald Trump. Since then, he's been banished by his own party and embraced by his district. In an op-ed over the Fourth of July, Amash went after his own party for what he called a kind of "tribalism" that is working against Americans.

Brendan Buck, the chief communications officer for Speaker Paul Ryan, said that he agrees with the allegation, but that Amash has been part of the problem while in office.

"I read the op-ed and agreed that partisanship and tribalism is a real problem and we need to think about more traditional things," Buck began. "My problem and what was missing from this op-ed was was a 'My Bad!' Because Justin Amash had been one of the front runners of the Freedom Caucus in the House who drove us to partisanship more than probably anything in the last five years. It's hard for me to read something from him talking about needing more compromise and people to get along more where anything that had a scent of Democrat he wasn't voting for."

Buck said that ultimately the GOP ended up putting up bills they knew would never pass, like the over 80 times they voted to repeal Obamacare. When the bills wouldn't pass, the GOP would then reach out to Democrats, but the Freedom Caucus would be furious that the Republicans reach out to Democrats and they'd refuse to support the bipartisan compromise.

Buck called the vicious circle they were all stuck in.

"I appreciate a lot of what he is saying. I wish he would acknowledge the role he is playing in the problem," Buck closed.

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