Republicans just voted against the impeachment rules they've demanded for weeks: Lawfare editor
Matt Gaetz speaks to House Judiciary Committee (Fox News/screen grab)

Lawfare editor Susan Hennessey couldn't help but notice that for weeks Republicans have attacked the "process" Democrats have been using for impeachment depositions.

Republicans have labeled the impeachment as a Soviet-style process. But when given the option to pass a bill that increased transparency, opened all hearings and adhered to the demands Republicans made, they voted it down.

"House Republicans, who have been harping about unfair process and procedures, just unanimously voted against additional process and procedures. The same people who have been yelling that closed hearing were illegitimate, now are saying they oppose open hearings," Hennessey tweeted.

Republicans gathered for a press conference after the vote Wednesday to denounce the bill that they worked in with other Judiciary Committee members. According to a helpful chart from MSNBC, the rules outlined in the articles are closer to the Nixon rules, giving considerably more power to President Donald Trump than former President Bill Clinton was granted.

[caption id="attachment_1558164" align="aligncenter" width="613"] (Photo: Screen capture from MSNBC)[/caption]