Marie Yovanovitch made a 'mockery' of Trump's dismissal of the 'deep state' with her testimony: CNN's David Gregory

CNN contributor David Gregory used his time during a panel segment on the impeachment testimony of Marie Yovanovitch to hammer President Donald Trump for attacking the diplomat on Twitter as she spoke -- then said she had made a "mockery" of his [Trump's] dismissal of the "deep state."

According to Gregory, viewers might think he was naive to believe the president would not get personal and go after Yovanovitch, but that he was honestly stunned.

"You know, I will say, I know this will sound naive in this age of Trump, but I'm genuinely shocked by his behavior with regard to this foreign service officer of three decades," he exclaimed. "To disparage her and to demean her in sexist overtones saying 'the woman over there.' To threaten her, to say to a foreign leader that she's bad news?"

"You know, presidents usually understand that the job is bigger than them, that it's about the government, that you're representing the people," he continued. "I am genuinely shocked, and I say I'm naive in saying so given the things that President Trump has said in the years that he's been president."

Speaking with host Wolf Blitzer, Gregory wasn't done as he described Yovanovitch's sober and detailed description of life as a diplomat in the Trump administration including serving under Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

"I'll tell you something. she made a mockery of his dismissals of the deep state," Gregory suggested. "If this is the deep state, I bet a lot of Americans looked up and said, 'yeah, I'll take more of that.'"

"Because these are people who are dedicating themselves to yes, serving in places that are corrupt and dangerous and are going bad and trying to represent U.S. interests," he continued. "I thought this was horrible for the president and let me add I don't know whether this will lead to impeachment. What this is an indication of how the president treats his people. They are his people and who else she indicted today was Secretary of State Pompeo. She says they in the State Department knew allegations against me were false, and this West Point grad, this tough secretary of state didn't stand up for his people."

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