These are the likely charges to be filed in Trump’s impeachment after devastating House testimony: CNN
US President Donald Trump says there is "nothing wrong" with listening to foreign governments offering dirt on his political opponents. (AFP / SAUL LOEB)

On Friday morning, former prosecutor Elie Honig ticked off what he believes will be included in the articles of impeachment filed against Donald Trump after five days of testimony from members of his own administration.

Speaking with host Alysin Camerota, the CNN legal analyst said the Democratic-led House has a clear path to send their charges to the Senate for a trial and vote.

"The Judiciary Committee is going to ultimately have to take these articles of impeachment, present them to the full House for a vote," Honig began. "But to break down the pieces -- let's break it down. He withheld foreign aid and dangles the White House visit -- this is not even disputed. $400 million in foreign aid was withheld. The witnesses said that was unusual and unexplained and it was against the United States and Ukraine's national interests."

"We heard, I think, really compelling testimony from [U.S. diplomat] George Kent about the ongoing war, the deaths that Ukrainians were suffering and how America's support in Ukraine's de facto war for independence, has been critical. We heard how the White House visit was dangled. [State Department official] David Holmes testified how that was critical to President Zelensky to demonstrate to Putin that he had U.S. backing."

According to the prosecutor, the charges will specifically revolve around Article 1: Abuse of Power.

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