Morning Joe goes scorched earth on 'lying' Bill Barr for dismissing IG report that didn't back Trump's conspiracy claims
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

The entire panel on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" jumped all over Attorney General Bill Barr on Tuesday morning after it was reported that he does not agree with a central conclusion of the forthcoming report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz about the Russia investigation.

After host Mika Brezinki detailed statement made by the Trump appointee -- who appears to be acting as Trump's personal lawyer -- c-host Joe Scarborough called out the AG.

"This is an attorney general, though, who misrepresented the [special counsel Bob] Mueller report weeks before it was released because he wanted to spin it most favorably for the president of the United States and he did so in a way that even Robert Mueller believed twisted the words from the proper context," Scarborough explained. "This is also an attorney general who lied, committed perjury in front of congressional committees -- for some reason they haven't decided to bring him up on charges for that. And here, as Matt Miller said, if these reports are accurate, here's an attorney general who actually is attacking an inspector general for not being critical enough of his own agencies."

"Again, you have Donald Trump, you have Vladimir Putin, and you have William Barr, now pretty maids all in a row, lined up wanting to disparage U.S. intel agencies at all costs," he concluded.

Watch below: