Morning Joe names and shames GOP senators who are allowing their party to become a Russian propaganda machine

Continuing his full-throated attack on the Republican Party for parroting Russian talking points in the service of defending Donald Trump, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough name-checked Republican senators who have kept their distance from Trump -- but refuse to say a word about their GOP colleagues who are getting in bed with the Kremlin.

Moments after the "Morning Joe" host called senators like John Kennedy (R-LA) a "Russian asset," Scarborough railed at the silent Republicans.

"We understand who Donald Trump is," Scarborough began. "The entire world now knows who Donald Trump is. They know that he's capable of absolutely anything and will do absolutely anything that he's allowed to do. He believes that Article 2 gives him unprecedented power -- he has said it publicly."

"Is it asking too much for one Republican senator to speak out against Russian propaganda being spouted by a colleague?" he asked. "Is it too much to ask Ben Sasse (R-NE) to take to the floor today and speak out against Russian propaganda being pushed by members of his party? Is it too much to ask Mitt Romney (R-UT)? Mitt Romney has all the money he will ever need. He can get re-elected for as long as he wants to get re-elected. Is it asking too much for Mitt Romney to go to the Senate floor today and condemn colleagues who are using active Russian measures to push Vladimir Putin's propaganda on Sunday talk shows without remorse, without apology. "

"Is it asking too much for Mitt Romney or Ben Sasse or Susan Collins (R-ME) or Cory Gardner (R-CO) or Martha McSally (R-AZ) or Jodi Ernst (R-IA)t or any Republican?" he added. "I'll take any Republican senator to say, 'it's just not right for to us actually promote Vladimir Putin's propaganda policies when we go on national television -- we cannot be that party.' Is that too much?"

"Apparently, Mika, not one Republican senator, not one, will speak out against this, not one," he concluded, with co-host Mika Brzezinski pithily adding, "Fair to say it's their job and they're not doing their job."

Watch below: