1990 book of ‘vulgar and degrading’ remarks by Mike Bloomberg may derail his campaign: report
Mike Bloomberg speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2011, photo by Spence Tucker (Facebook)

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign continues to be rocked by revelations about the past views of the former Republican.

Recently, "hideous" tape has emerged of Bloomberg defending the NYPD's stop and frisk program, which was ruled illegal. Even Donald Trump labeled Bloomberg a "total racist" after the video surfaced.

Then came video of Bloomberg blaming the end of redlining -- the practice of illegal racism in housing -- for the Great Recession. And then another video of Bloomberg blaming Barack Obama for the racial divisions in America during his presidency.

And now an entire book has emerged.

"'Cokehead, womanizing, f*g.' That’s the way Michael Bloomberg once characterized a competitor in New York’s financial industry, according to a book of quotes presented to the billionaire businessman for his 48th birthday in 1990," The Daily Beast reported Saturday. "The quote is one of a number of vulgar and degrading remarks, contained in a gag gift presented to Bloomberg by an employee, that may spell trouble for the former New York mayor as he attempts to convince Democrats he can topple Donald Trump in the 2020 election."

The book is titled, The Wit & Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg.

"The misogynistic, homophobic remarks predate the #MeToo era and show a sophomoric obsession with referencing oral sex," The Beast noted. "The booklet is peppered with cartoons that depict Bloomberg in various poses, of which many are less than flattering like him dressed as a Roman Centurion fighting off dogs with name tags like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sacks and Citibank."