'Rick Perry has still major accounting to do': House Dems haven't forgotten about ex-Energy secretary's role in Ukraine scheme
Energy Sec. Rick Perry during a House subcommittee hearing on Oct. 12 (image via screengrab).

House Democrats still want to hear from former Energy Secretary Rick Perry -- who "slipped through the cracks" in the impeachment inquiry.

Perry has defied a congressional subpoena and spoken only to friendly media outlets about his role in President Donald Trump's pressure scheme against Ukraine, but House investigators and government watchdog groups haven't forgotten about him, reported Politico.

“The president has escaped accountability and so have all the president’s men," said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a member of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees. "Secretary Perry has still major accounting to do about his activities in Ukraine. The Senate may have surrendered their constitutional responsibilities but the House of Representatives will not.”

Perry left the administration Dec. 1, but impeachment witnesses identified the former Texas governor as one of the “three amigos” -- along with EU ambassador Gordon Sondland and former special envoy Kurt Volker -- who directed the administration's contacts with Ukraine.

The watchdog group America Oversight filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking documents from Perry and his former chief of staff Brian McCormack, but only a few dozen documents have been produced so far.

The Department of Energy sent those documents to the State Department -- which heavily redacted what was eventually released.

The rest of the documents produced from the lawsuit will be released March 16, and American Oversight intends to seek the release of documents withheld by the State Department.

“The problem with investigating this administration is it’s like oversight whack-a-mole,” said America Oversight counsel Molly Claflin. “Perry slipped through the cracks. He’s really capitalized on that.”

Even if Perry, who has rejoined the board of the company that operates the Dakota Access pipeline and stumps for Republican candidates, isn't forced to testify, more evidence of his role in the Ukraine scheme will likely come to light.

Lev Parnas, an indicted associate of Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, has said Perry played a central role in the scheme to get an investigation into Joe Biden, and former national security adviser John Bolton has a book due out March 17, the day after the DOE documents are released.