'Are you trying to kill us?' Acting DHS head ripped over too-late promise of help for panicked travelers swamping airports

Long after social media users flooded Twitter with pictures of jam-packed airports filled with travelers trying to catch flights before President Donald Trump's coronavirus-inspired travel ban goes into effect at midnight Sunday, acting DHS head Chad Wolf tweeted that help is on the way -- and was promptly hammered for not anticipating the crush and staffing up.

After midnight on Saturday, Wolf tweeted, "DHS is aware of the long lines for passengers who are undergoing increased medical screening requirements. Right now we are working to add additional screening capacity and working with the airlines to expedite the process," before adding, " understand this is very stressful. In these unprecedented times, we ask for your patience. It currently takes ~60 seconds for medical professionals to screen each passenger. We will be increasing capacity but the health and safety of the American public is first & foremost."

Commenters quickly pointed out his concern and plan for more help are "too little, too late," as travelers were already likely exposed to the coronavirus in the packed airports.

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