John Oliver creates a special coronavirus test just for Fox News host Geraldo Rivera
John Oliver (Photo: Screen capture)

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver was frustrated by the right-wing pundits spreading irrational coronavirus lies on Fox News and personalities like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh.

During his Sunday show, Oliver explained that they were forced out of the typical studio because there was a risk that someone with coronavirus had been there. As a result, he and his whole staff are quarantined for safety. Oliver delivered an abridged show where he implored Americans to be good to each other and help each other out because he anticipated there wouldn't be any help from President Donald Trump's government.

He has been the one propagating the lies that the right-wing has repeated for the past several weeks. It's been 46 days since the first coronavirus case hit the United States, but the president spent about 40 of those days dismissing the virus as anything even remotely important. Rush Limbaugh followed suit, saying it was nothing more than a flu and it wasn't as serious as the liberal media was making it out to be. Just a few weeks later, he was singing a different tune.

Alex Jones has been selling toothpaste telling people that it will cure them of coronavirus. Television evangelist Jim Bakker is trying to sell some kind of liquid silver that he says will also cure coronavirus.

Fox News has been among the worst, simply because their audience is significantly larger than the previous three men. They've dismissed it as unimportant, accused Democrats of spreading fear, and worse. But this week, Fox commentator Geraldo Rivera said you could give yourself a coronavirus test by holding your breath for 10 seconds. That's not how you test for coronavirus. There are many people who test positive who aren't even exhibiting symptoms yet.

John Oliver came up with his own way for Rivera to test if he has coronavirus.

Check it out below: