George Conway calls out every senator who voted 'not guilty' at impeachment trial for missing their chance to dump Trump

In a brief but to-the-point tweet on Sunday, a disgusted George Conway posted the names of every U.S. senator who voted against ousting Donald Trump from the Oval Office when they had the chance, and are now having to deal with the fall-out from a New York Times report that the president has known since March that Russia is paying bounties for the murder of U.S. military members.

The conservative Conway -- who is both married to senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and is a founder of the Lincoln Project that has become a major thorn the president's side -- took to Twitter to post a screenshot of the names of the senators who passed on a chance to rid themselves of the president along with an all-encompassing condemnation.

"To the people on the attached list," he wrote, "ALL. OF. THIS. IS. YOUR. FAULT."

You can see the tweet below: