Michigan Republican sings a hymn when reporter asks about his meeting with Trump
State Sen. Mike Shirkey (Twitter)

A Michigan Republican refused to comment on his visit to Washington, D.C., as President Donald Trump seeks to undo his election loss.

State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey flew to Washington, along with an unknown number of fellow GOP lawmakers from the state, which Trump lost by about 150,000 votes, after the president appears to have pressured Wayne County election officials to rescind their votes.

Protesters greeted Shirkey and state Sen. Tom Barrett outside Reagan National Airport when they arrived Friday morning, and the GOP leader refused to answer questions about his visit or whether he would meet with Trump.

"I'm just having a delightful visit to Washington, D.C., today," Shirkey told Lauren Windsor, executive director of American Family Voices and executive producer of "The Undercurrent."

Windsor asked whether he would meet with the president, and Shirkey said that was "a good possibility."

But he refused to comment further, and instead started singing the hymn "The Old Rugged Cross."