Trump campaign's 'stunningly incompetent' strategy exposed by former federal prosecutor
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

The Trump campaign is still racking up legal losses in the courts, and even some wealthy GOP donors are reportedly pushing the party to pull the plug on Trump's efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Attorney Ken White, a former federal prosecutor, has taken a look at some of the Trump campaign's latest legal filings and has found them to be equal parts "shockingly ridiculous" and "stunningly incompetent."

Writing on Twitter, White explains how Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani and other pro-Trump plaintiffs made a series of crucial errors that allowed their case to be dismissed by a federal judge with prejudice.

"The Trump Campaign, and two Trump voters, sued in federal court in PA, then filed a First Amended Complaint that ditched a lot of their initial arguments," White writes. "At oral argument Rudy Giuliani asked the judge to amend the complaint again to revive one of the claims they dismissed. In his ruling the judge made rulings destroying the entire premise of Trump's -- and the voters' -- right to sue, and eviscerated the premises of their arguments and the remedies they sought."

White goes on to show how the Trump campaign has already blown its efforts to appeal the case as well.

"Now, on appeal, Trump is attacking only the refusal to let them amend," he explains. "They're not appealing the substantive rulings the judge made that destroy the entire premise of their suit and rule out the remedies they are seeking... there's a strong argument that by framing the appeal this way Trump is giving up any challenge to the things the trial court ruled, things that render the amended complaint dead on arrival."

White concludes that this strategy is at best "incredibly reckless," before saying that "more likely it's malpractice."

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