Trump rages at Twitter as users mocking his tiny desk meltdown send #DiaperDon into the top trends
Donald Trump (NBC/Screenshot)

President Donald Trump lashed out over Twitter's trending topics, and the timing suggests he had a severe case of hurt feelings.

The president called for the "immediate" termination of Section 230, which protects website publishers from liability for content posted by users, after he was mocked online as #diaperdon, reported the Evening Standard.

“Twitter is sending out totally false 'Trends' that have absolutely nothing to do with what is really trending in the world,” he wrote.

The tweet was posted as #diaperdon trended in response to his Thanksgiving Day meltdown at a tiny desk, where he raged at reporters and told demonstrable lies about his election loss, and he followed up by suggesting that Twitter should pay for allowing users to mock him.

"For purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!!!" Trump tweeted.