Trump 're-traumatizing' himself with doomed legal fight: 'He loses each state now once, twice, three times'
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski said President Donald Trump was traumatizing himself by fighting his election loss, because each challenge brings a new loss.

The president continues to challenge his loss to Joe Biden in several key states, but the "Morning Joe" co-host said he's just hurting himself psychologically by continuing this battle that's doomed to failure.

"When you look at these states, and every day we deliver the news about recounts or how close different state official, county officials are to certifying the vote, somebody close to Trump, if they knew him, if they understood him, if they could talk to him, they would explain to him he's re-traumatizing himself every time he loses again," Brzezinski said. "He loses each state now once, twice, three times, and all that does is churn him up and has him tweeting terrible things, trying to think of how he can make this pain stop."

"I'm not trying to be funny," she added. "I'm just saying, when you know Trump's psychology, you know this traumatizes him and causes him to act out. It's time for somebody to tell him to let it go and get it behind him for his own good. He keeps losing these states over and over again."

Brzezinski compared the president's predicament to a television show that's begging to be canceled.

"I think it's someone from the entertainment industry who could speak to him," she said. "Donald Trump likes a show, lights -- even the White House events, the RNC event, the different events he holds at the White House are a show. His plane landing at the rallies, there's a set. These shows are terrible, with Rudy Giuliani and sweating all over the place, and people getting fired the minute after they speak during these press conferences with these quack, quack, totally crazy allegations."

"Nobody knows more than Donald Trump that this is not fun to watch," Brzezinski added. "This is not a good show. He's gone from supermodels to Rudy Giuliani. Nobody thinks this is a good show, not even Donald Trump, and, you know, I think someone from the entertainment industry would perhaps let him know that the next act will be a lot better if he really elegantly turns the page on this one."