Trump's entire world is being consumed by his fury at losing the election: report
AFP photo of Donald Trump.

According to a report from Politico, Donald Trump's fury over his re-election bid loss to former Vice President Joe Biden -- who he described to his rallygoers as the "worst candidate ever to run" -- is consuming him and everyone surrounding him, making the future of Trumpism tenuous.

With the president raging about his loss and pressing his attorneys to flood multiple states with lawsuits contesting the election results -- and failing badly at it -- the Politico Playbook notes "You're witnessing what might be the last gasp of Trumpism."

The Daily Beast reported on Tuesday that Trump insiders are angry with Attorney General Bill Barr for not putting on a full-court press against the election results, and Politico adds the pervasive feeling of frustration has enveloped Trump and his closest advisers.

"If Trump has a dominant ideology, it’s that people on his side -- his administration and his party -- should be unbendingly loyal to him. And what you’re seeing right now is the political and governmental machinery that he controls succumb to his anger at losing the election. And, with 71 days until Inauguration Day, this kind of behavior has a rapidly approaching termination date."

However, as the report notes, it would appear that many of the president's defenders -- when it comes to attacking the election results -- are just going through the motions in order to appease the furious president knowing it is a lost cause.

"Senate Republicans are suggesting the president’s time is limited, and he needs to produce evidence -- and soon. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said he isn’t resigning. Joe Biden's team is mulling legal action to force the government to begin the transition. A.G. Barr's memorandum says: 'investigations may be conducted if there are clear and apparently-credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual State' -- a lot of caveats there.'"

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