'These are Trump's thugs': Steve Schmidt pins responsibility for DC Proud Boy violence on presidential incitement
Pro-Trump rallygoers attacking car -- Twitter screenshot

In a series of tweets, Republican strategist and Lincoln Project founder Steve Schmidt pointed the finger at Donald Trump and pinned the blame on him for the violence that rocked Washington D.C. on Saturday night.

With reports of stabbings and gunfire, Schmidt linked to clips of the far-right white nationalists roaming the streets and stopping cars, calling the members of the group "Trump's thugs."

"Look at this closely," he wrote above a video link. "These right-wing fascists are instigating political violence in the name of a defeated President who is inciting them. This is the Capitol of the United States. This is a glimpse of our future. This must be crushed at the ballot box."

"This is Trump’s doing. This is the result that Fox News, Newsmax and hundreds of lying right wing propagandists have produced for America. This is Trumpism," he added before stating, "These are Trump’s thugs and they are fascists. They are rioting against democracy. We are at an extremely dangerous place as a country. It is essential to see the threat, it is grave."

You can see his tweets below: