Violent threats against public officials accelerate as Trump’s loss sets in: report
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer speaking during the first night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention. (Screenshot)

On Monday, The Washington Post reported that violent threats against public officials of both parties who are not supporting President Donald Trump's election conspiracy theories are getting worse.

"Last week, an 'enemies' list of state and federal officials who rejected Trump’s baseless election conspiracy theories floated up from the dark corners of the Web, with home addresses listed and red targets over their photos, the latest in a string of threats to public officials," reported Hannah Knowles, Annie Gowen, and Tom Hamburger. "The list falsely accused swing-state governors, voting systems executives and the former top U.S. cybersecurity official responsible for securing November’s presidential election of 'changing votes and working against the President' in a treasonous attempt to 'overthrow our democracy.' The names from the list shared on social media included the hashtags #remembertheirfaces and #NoQuarterForTraitors."

This came just as four people were stabbed at pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington, D.C.

One official to warn of the risk of violence is Gabriel Sterling, a GOP election procurement official in Georgia who went viral for condemning Trump's conspiracy theories weeks ago. “We have people stalking outside of our elections offices in Cobb County,” he said. “We’ve had a warehouse manager, he was simply taking trash out to the dumpster, and he had somebody follow him with a camera telling him he’s going to prison.”

Following an election hearing, Democratic Michigan state Rep. Darrin Camilleri similarly warned things are reaching breaking point: “Throughout this hearing, my colleagues continued to speak in circles about ‘getting to the bottom of this.’ But we’re already at the bottom, and there’s nothing down here. Down here at the bottom of all this, it’s just a dark, empty place.”

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