'It's maddening': Morning Joe rips Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs for 'hiding' from 'dangerous' Kari Lake

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough expressed frustration at the campaign run by Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs against Republican election denier Kari Lake in Arizona.

New polling shows Lake leading the Arizona secretary of state by two points, which is in the margin of error, but the "Morning Joe" host ripped the state's Democratic Party for boosting fringe candidates in the GOP primaries in hopes of knocking them off in November, but doing little to press that advantage.

"The Kari Lake thing, we heard that thing was over," Scarborough said. "I saw polls, five, six, seven points. Like the Wisconsin Senate race, you never know what's going to happen, but the Marquette poll shows that race tightening up. Again, I think it's a lot like 2014, but I have never seen a year where everything seems to be tightening up. [Sen.] Mark Kelly, we thought that was going to tighten up because Mark Kelly has to make every race tight, but the Kari Lake race, most in the margin of error, a week ago, it was plus-five, plus-six."

Hobbs appeared alongside former president Barack Obama at a Wednesday night rally, but Scarborough said she'd been nearly invisible in the closing weeks of the campaign.

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"It's one of the mysteries to me of this campaign that you have, a couple of things, first of all, is that Democrats were saying there were all these candidates who are a great risk to democracy, and they poured millions and millions of dollars cynically into their primary campaigns," Scarborough said. "Americans thank you for that, way to go -- way to make a dangerous situation even worse, Democrats. But then Katie Hobbs, many people believe she may be running against the most dangerous demagogue in America, and if you believe she's the most dangerous demagogue in America, I don't know, I don't want to debate her, you don't want to debate her."

"But Katie Hobbs has been hiding," he added. "Voters don't vote for governors that hide, that are afraid to even go to bat. It's maddening."

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