Man behind J6 documentary needs 'two armed guards' due to Trump supporters' threats: BBC
Alex Holder (Screen cap via BBC)

Documentary filmmaker Alex Holder, whose film "Unprecedented" examines the final days of former President Donald Trump's White House, revealed this week that he needs armed security guards due to threats from Trump supporters.

In an interview with the BBC, Holder said that he's been getting multiple subpoena requests ever since he was called to testify earlier this month before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riots.

"Well, my life changed about a week ago and I now literally have two armed guards outside this studio right now that follow me around everywhere," Holder told the BBC.

He then elaborated on accusations he's faced from conspiracy-minded Trump supporters.

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"According to some, I’m an undercover FBI agent," he said. "Some think I’m an MI6 spy, and there’s all sorts of conspiracies and threats that are coming through."

Fellow Jan. 6 committee witness Cassidy Hutchinson has also received significant security due to threats she's faced ever since giving explosive testimony about the twice-impeached former president's actions before, during, and after the Capitol riots.

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