'Some of the dumbest moves I’ve ever seen': Alex Jones' lawyers are at war with each other
Alex Jones (Photo via Shutterstock)

Adding to InfoWars founder Alex Jones's list of legal problems is a report that his attorneys are turning on each other after a string of courtroom losses, with one lawyer suggesting he file a lawsuit for legal malpractice against some of the other attorneys who are still representing him in court.

According to Will Sommer of the Daily Beast, the conspiratorial-minded Jones has been employing a rotating cast of attorneys representing himself and InfoWars from a flood of lawsuits and they have been painfully unsuccessful which has led to finger pointing and chaos within his organization.

As the Daily Beast reports, "InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones could soon sue his own lawyers, as Jones and his company scramble to blame someone else for their legal failures in lawsuits over their lies about the Sandy Hook school shooting."

The report notes transcript of a February deposition indicates that a representative of InfoWars’ parent company, Brittany Paz, expressed dismay with how the court cases were turning out and suggested the lawyers involved be sued, saying, "I did have concerns on behalf of the company regarding the company’s prior representation, yes.”

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According to Mark Bankston, an attorney representing Sandy Hook families who have successfully sued Jones, "It’s unusual to see a defendant turn on his lawyers in the midst of litigation, but it certainly fits the pattern of Mr. Jones blaming everyone else for his problems."

"Paz doesn’t say in her deposition which of their former attorneys InfoWars might sue. But she singled out three lawyers—Marc Randazza, Brad Reeves, and Robert Barnes—for special criticism. Paz also accused some of InfoWars’ lawyers of badly botching document discovery in the cases, an issue that has plagued InfoWars and prompted accusations from plaintiffs’ lawyers that Jones’s lawyers were deliberately sabotaging the process," the Beast's Sommer reported.

That, in turn, has led attorney Randazza to fire back.

"In a statement, Randazza told The Daily Beast said that other, 'utterly terrible' lawyers who have worked for InfoWars are trying to distract from their own mistakes," Sommer wrote with Randazza commenting, "The revolving cast of lawyers at InfoWars has included some outstanding lawyers who are confident in their own abilities. It has also included some utterly terrible lawyers who made some of the dumbest moves I’ve ever seen. Those in the latter camp seem to be interested in deflecting attention from their incompetence on to the competent lawyers who compete with them.”

Reeves, who stepped down from representing Jones before the deposition also defended his work, telling the Beast, "I am confident that nothing I did (or did not do) during my time representing Infowars constitutes any sort of malpractice. Any suggestion to the contrary is really nothing more than an attempt by other counsel to deflect from their own mistakes.”

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