Former 'Law & Order' writer: I'd never dream of creating lawyers as 'dumb' as the ones Alex Jones hired

InfoWars founder Alex Jones got a nasty surprise in court on Tuesday when an attorney representing the families of Sandy Hook victims informed him that his own lawyers had accidentally handed over a digital copy of his entire cell phone -- and that it contained evidence of potential perjury.

Jones appeared taken aback by this revelation, and he said that it was a "Perry Mason moment" in his defamation trial.

Reacting to this, NBC News reporter Ben Collins joked that the popular, long-running legal drama "Law & Order" had never featured "a twist as good as 'Alex Jones' lawyers accidentally sent Sandy Hook parents' lawyers the entire contents of his phone and his long-hidden financials, but they waited 12 days to let him lie' in my life."

David Slack, an actual former writer for "Law & Order," replied to Collins's tweet and informed him that he and his fellow writers "wouldn’t have let a lawyer do something that dumb" on the series, presumably because it would defy believability.

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Jones has been in court this week to attempt to limit the amount of damages he will have to pay to the families of Sandy Hook victims who say that they still get harassed to this day by people who have been taken in by Jones's false claims about their dead children.

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