Alexander Vindman sues Don Jr. and Giuliani — alleges plot to smear him as a 'spy for a foreign country'
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

On Wednesday, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani, alleging a plot to smear his character and paint him as "disloyal to the United States, as a spy for a foreign country, and as a politically motivated saboteur."

Vindman, one of the most prominent witnesses to speak at Trump's first impeachment trial for extorting the president of Ukraine, alleges in his suit that the attacks on him were coordinated by the former president's allies: "Attacks on Lt. Col. Vindman did not simply happen by accident or coincidence, nor were they the result of normal politics or modern news cycles. Rather, the coordinated campaign was the result of a common understanding and agreement among and between President Trump."

Vindman has also faced career retaliation. He was denied a routine military promotion, which he asserts was part of a campaign of "bullying and intimidation". He was eventually forced out of his job altogether and was "escorted out of the White House" after giving his testimony.