'Everything is going to be fine': Trump attorney says legal team is secretly 'winning'
Trump attorney Alina Hobba (screen shot)

Former President Donald Trump may be facing multiple investigations and lawsuits but "everything is going to be fine," according to his attorney.

In an appearance on the His Glory broadcast last week, attorney Alina Habba was asked about "why there should be hope for America and the world."

"When people bring cases against [Trump], which worries a lot of people," Habba said, "when you have those but they're not within merit, there are systems in place, even when you have crooked judges, Appellate Division, etc."

"And we've been winning," she continued. "They're not going to be, but I'll invite people to ask me questions directly next time I'm on with you. But I am happy to because that's something people worry about."

Habba added: "But I have to tell you, everything is going to be fine."

The attorney insisted that Trump "has always been by the book so I will see you all in 2024."

Habba is representing Trump in multiple legal cases in New York, including a lawsuit alleging he raped journalist E. Jean Carroll.

Watch the video below from His Glory or a the link here: