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A former prosecutor on Robert Mueller's team explained how the Department of Justice had already revealed evidence that former President Donald Trump was guilty of at least four crimes.

Andrew Weissman, a veteran federal prosecutor who worked on the special counsel investigation into Trump's ties to Russia, examined the department's late-night filing, which ran 40 pages long and included a photo of classified materials found stashed in boxes and desk drawers at Mar-A-Lago.

"What the DOJ brief said silently but clearly: Trump is guilty," Weissman tweeted.

The former prosecutor summarized the government's position, which shows that Trump knew he had highly classified materials and lied to the government to hide the 26 boxes of documents for more than 18 months, and they had evidence he knew where those items were located at his private resort.

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The documents were found with Trump's passports and other personal items, and the former president's lawyers gave false statements to DOJ about where the items were located, even after being served with a subpoena, Weissman said.

"Do you think this all happened for 18 months WITHOUT Trump knowing, and his lawyers did this without consulting with the client?" he said.

"And all this evidence is BEFORE we consider witnesses who we called at the trial about Trump's knowing that he should not take docs from WH, and should send them to Archives, that he was in charge of packing material from WH, that the process was secretive, that the lawyers [Evan] Corcoran and [Christina] Bobb could not ethically file the certification without discussing with Trump."

He said the former president's attorneys will be required to reveal who authorized their false statements, and surveillance video and witnesses will show who moved the boxes to obstruct their discovery -- and Weissman said the evidence will be too much for Trump to overcome.

"There is only one verdict consistent with this proof; we ask you to return a verdict of: guilty on espionage related charges (793/2071); guilty on contempt of GJ subpoena (402); guilty on obstruction related charges (1001/1519) guilty on unlawful retention of govt docs (641)," Weissman said.