Trump insurrectionist banned from counting ballots at Arizona audit: ‘Not the best optic’

Controversial former GOP state Rep. Anthony Kern is no longer being allowed to participate in Arizona's audit of election results in Maricopa County.

Kern was allowed to count votes even though his own name appeared on the ballot as a Trump elector and he traveled to DC for the "Stop the Steal" rally and posted a photo to social media praising the insurrection.

The Republican is a "known liar" and a reporter was kicked out of the audit for posting a photo documenting Kern counting ballots.

The same reporter, Ryan Randazzo of the Arizona Republic, was back covering the audit on Thursday. Randazzo reports former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett said Kern has not been allowed back.

"Not the best optic," he admitted.

Here is the photo Kern posted from the Capitol on January 6th: