Anti-abortion activist dodges CNN host's question about whether women who get abortions deserve punishment
Activists in Argentina wear the "Handmaid's Tale" costume in August 2018 to protest the legalization of abortion

An anti-abortion activist was asked by CNN's Erica Hill whether she favored punishing women who get abortions on Friday, and she twice dodged the question.

During a discussion about the United States Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe V. Wade, Hill asked Mary Szoch of the Family Research Council about the measures she was prepared to take to enforce bans against abortion in the United States.

"There's a lot of talk about what we're seeing in certain states, especially states with trigger laws and some of these newer laws that are being passed that are on the books where women would be penalized for seeking an abortion in another state," Hill pointed out. "Those who sought to help women could be penalized. Do you support those moves? Is that the right way to go about it?"

"The pro-life movement has always responded in love," she replied. "We want to work to support women who are in need so they can achieve their dreams alongside their unborn child. Our solution is support. Our solution is not to attack mothers. We do need to work on passing legislation that protects women from the abuses of the abortion industry that is so often pressuring women into to believing their only option is abortion."

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Hill once again pressed Szoch on the issue.

"You do not support criminalizing, for example, a woman who may decide to cross state lines or someone who helps her?" she asked.

"The pro-life movement has worked to be supportive of moms and dads in need," she replied, again not directly answering the question. "We have worked to provide whatever resources... I think in the upcoming weeks and months, we will see different legislation come about to try to give moms and dads the resources that they do need. We are for protecting and helping women while we protect and help unborn children."

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Anti-abortion activist dodges question about whether women who get abortions deserve punishment

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