Atlanta principal caught on video using N-word during racial discussion with student: report

On Monday, WSB-TV reported that a high school principal in Forsyth County just north of Atlanta was caught on video saying the N-word during a discussion with a student about race.

"The student recorded the conversation with East Forsyth High School Principal Jeff Cheney on Sept. 9. The video does not show Cheney, but the school acknowledged that the recording does feature Cheney’s voice," said the report. "In the video, Cheney appears to be trying to explain racially offensive words to the student."

"In a statement released to Channel 2 Action News, officials said Cheney and two staff members met with a white student about the student’s continued use of offensive language," said the report. "According to the statement: 'In the 0.38 second recording Mr. Cheney says, ‘Cracker is slang for white and it’s the antonym to (full N word), which is a very offensive comment.’ He immediately recognized his mistakes in comparing the two words and using the full N word. Mr. Cheney contacted the district office and met with the parents of the student to disclose this information, apologize, and commit to rectifying these mistakes in the future. He is not at school today.'"

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"Officials said students and adults both make mistakes and they believe everyone can learn from the incident," noted the report. "It’s unclear if Cheney faces any sort of disciplinary action. The students’ identity has not been released."

This is not the first time that a school official has gotten in trouble for racial language.

In May, a substitute teacher in Arlington, Texas shouted the N-word at sixth-graders while arguing over whether it was offensive to use the phrase "Oh my God." And in August, in Taylorsville, Utah, a vice principal was transferred to a different school after using the N-word to demean an 8th grade Black girl.