Watch: Obama congratulates kid who touched his hair in iconic photo for graduating high school
Jacob Philadelphia touches former President Barack Obama's head (Pete Souza, White House)

Former President Barack Obama on Friday posted a video to his social media accounts showing him offering congratulations to a young man whose first brush with fame came 13 years ago when he touched Obama's hair in the Oval Office.

In 2009, a five-year-old Jacob Philadelphia visited the White House with his family and he asked Obama "if my hair is just like yours."

Obama then offered to let Philadelphia touch his hair, and the interaction was caught by then-White House photographer Pete Souza in what has become an iconic photo.

Philadelphia, who is now 18 years old, received a video call from Obama this week to receive kudos for graduating high school.

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"It's Barack Obama, man, you remember me?" Obama asked Philadelphia at the start of the call.

"I remember you telling me your hair was going to be gray next time!" Philadelphia replied, and surely enough, Obama now does have gray hair.

"I was not lying!" Obama said with laughter.

Philadelphia then told Obama about his experience in going to high school in Uganda, where his father had been stationed after receiving a post at the State Department.

Philadelphia also said he was going to be studying at the University of Memphis with hopes to major in political science.

"I think the White House visit clearly inspired you, I hope," Obama told him.

Watch the video below or at this link.