K-Pop fans ruin GOP's attempt to push #ImpeachBidenNow
(Twitter screenshots)

An attempt by far-right conservatives to get #ImpeachBidenNow trending on Twitter went down in flames early Friday morning as fans of K-Pop took over the hashtag and buried it in a flood of pictures of their favorite stars and dance clips.

As Variety reported, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) -- a newly elected lawmaker with a penchant for conspiracy theories -- announced on Thursday that she has filed what will turn out to be an ill-fated bill to impeach President Joe Biden one day after he was inaugurated. As like-minded far-right extremists try to push #ImpeachBidenNow to the top of the trending chart, they ran into the K-Pop resistance, which hijacked the hashtag and ruined their plans.

As Variety noted, conservatives were previously defeated by the same crowd when they tried to get "#whitelivesmatter to trend months ago.

Below is a sampling of what conservatives might be exposing like-minded followers to if they share the hashtag.