Trump campaign manager Stepien was 'way over his head' and 'frightened' before election loss: Giuliani J6 transcript
Bill Stepien (

On Friday the House select committee investigating the Jan 6 insurrection released the transcript of their interview with Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani in which he frequently invoked the attorney-client privilege in order to avoid getting into details about possible attempts to overturn the election.

Giuliani admitted that he served as Trump's personal attorney before and after the 2020 election and, after the former president was declared the loser, was asked by Trump to take over his campaign's efforts to contest the results which eventually resulted in multiple lawsuits filed in states Trump's people felt they should have won.

According to Giuliani, when he first went to Trump's campaign headquarters staffers refused to come out of their offices, and that they "avoided" him.

In that vein, he described a troubled relationship with Bill Stepien, who stepped in to take over the struggling campaign that he would never right, and whom Guliani believed was ill-prepared for the job.

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Asked, "But did you have confidence in Mr. Stepien and his approach to the post-election --in the post-election period?" the former New York City mayor replied, "I must say I did not have confidence in Mr. Stepien at all."

"He worked for my campaign, made a serious error. I thought he made a serious error with [New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's] 'bridgegate,'" he continued, "And I could never understand why the president selected him, because I didn't think he was in that -- he's never run a presidential campaign and he seemed to be way over his head. And when dealing with me, he seemed to be somewhat frightened."

"And what about specifically in the post-election period when you're looking into these claims, did you have confidence in his approach looking into issues related to the 2020 presidential election?" he was asked.

"I had almost no contact with after that. He avoided me," the attorney replied. "I had very, very little contact with him so I can't tell you."