Watch: Brooklyn pastor arrested after clashing with woman during sermon

A fight between a Brooklyn pastor and a churchgoer ended with both in handcuffs after the pastor was reportedly confronted by a woman during his sermon.

According to the New York Daily News, Bishop Lamor Whitehead was arrested on Sunday along with Tarsha Howard after the two exchanged words during the pastor's service. While Whitehead was eventually released, he said that he was angry with how the NYPD treated him.

“They lock me up in front of my children, in front of my wife, in front of my church,” Whitehead told the Daily News. “They publicly embarrassed me and then they drop all the charges after two hours and apologize to me.”

Police said that the incident began when Howard, along with another woman, entered his church, the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry, and sat down.

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Whitehead offered the women a chance to come up and preach, when the situation reportedly spiraled out of control. On a live stream of the sermon on Facebook, Howard can be heard yelling and screaming at Whitehead, and is seen running towards the front of the church, where the pastor was with his wife and child. Whitehead can then be seen grabbing the woman around the neck.

“She came in the middle aisle and just [started] cussing me out, calling me all types of names, calling me all types of things,” Whitehead told the Daily News. "She went toward my wife and that’s when I grabbed her. I grabbed her and took her out of my church."

Howard was charged with trespassing and disruption of a religious service, but Whitehead was also arrested, and reportedly told that he would be charged with assault. However, he was soon released when police realized what had happened.

“All I want to do is preach the word of God and I end up in prison,” Whitehead said. “They treated me like a criminal. They had me in a cell with someone with felony charges and let me out. It’s not going to stop here. If I was a rabbi, if I was a Catholic priest, they would have never done this.”

The incident comes just months after Whitehead was robbed at gunpoint, and he claimed that the women had been acting similarly to the robbers when they arrived.

Watch video below or at this link.

Flashy NYC Pastor Bishop Whitehead Grabs Woman & Kicks Her Out Of Church