Iowa parents sue school over students' racist video where they wore blackface and conducted a mock execution

On Wednesday, TV6 News reported that parents in Pleasant Valley, Iowa are suing their local school district over a racist video involving local students that appeared on TikTok two years ago.

"The video, which TV6 will not air or post, shows two white teenagers. One of whom is dressed in a blackface mask, while the other pretends to beat him. The video goes along to background music that repeats racial slurs," reported Darby Sparks. "In the end, the teenager pretends to shoot the one in blackface execution style. Now, parents of a Black Pleasant Valley student are suing for emotional damage after they say the student was made aware of the video."

According to the report, "The petition goes on to say that the school failed to provide a safe environment for students by not giving a punishment for the video. It further states that the child of the Plaintiffs suffered from fear of 'immediate physical harm and/or injury' because of the video. Now, the parents state they want compensation for the damages the video caused due to the lack of action the district took."

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The school has reportedly not commented on the matter yet.

In recent years, racist incidents by school students around the country have drawn attention. Last December, parents in a Seattle area school were forced to withdraw their child into remote learning after he was repeatedly called the N-word. Teachers, too, have come under scrutiny; in one viral video out of a school in North Carolina, a teacher complained he couldn't use the N-word while blurting it out in class with a Black student next to him.

You can watch the original report here.