'Another seditious conspiracy': Pro-Trump attorney slammed for his 'chilling' plot to submit fake electors
Boris Epshteyn speaks to MSNBC (screen grab)

On CNN Monday, former Justice Department counterintelligence official and House Ethics Committee counsel David Laufman tore into pro-Trump attorney Boris Epshteyn after he admitted to his involvement in the plot to submit fake Trump electors in states President Joe Biden won.

"What he's admitting to is this scheme to submit these alternate electoral slates in at least seven states here, actually submitted them and said, hey, these are the actual electors," said anchor John Berman. "In other words, Donald Trump won these states even though he didn't win these states, and these electors will vote for him in the Electoral College. Is it clear exactly what law might have been broken there?"

"It's not clear exactly, but here is what we know," said Laufman. "Think about this in the broader context of what we recently learned about this draft presidential order. In one respect, that order is comical, like an executive order version of the infamous Rudy Giuliani press conference at Four Seasons Landscaping. In other respects, it's chilling. It reflects an intent by the president or the people around him to use United States military forces to seize voting machines, to federalize the national guard. It relies on legal authorities commonly applied against our foreign adversaries."

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"Whether the Department of Justice investigation leads to criminal liability remains to be seen, but hypothetically there could be evidence adduced that would lead to another seditious conspiracy charge, to a conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, and there could be even violations with respect to the transmittal of classified information, the national security memoranda cited in the order," continued Laufman. "Did somebody disclose classified information to someone not authorized to receive it? It's a law school exam of potential issues that the Department of Justice needs to investigate."

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