Battered Trump lawyer Bruce Castor claims his 'stupid' performance was on purpose: report
Impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor. (Screengrab)

Trump impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor is defending his widely panned opening arguments in a new interview with Fox News.

Before Castor even finished speaking, former Trump impeachment lawyer Alan Dershowitz was ripping the argument on Newsmax and Trump was reportedly "borderline screaming" at the television.

Castor, however, disputes the reports.

"My reaction is you need to check those sources because that has not been communicated to me by the president or anybody associated with the president," Castor said. "Including Mark Meadows, who specifically came to the Capitol yesterday to tell me don't read news coverage."

Castor said his performance on Tuesday was an intentional response to House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin.

"That was by design," Castor said. "I don't like reading bad stuff about me in the newspaper any more than anyone else does, or my legal colleagues around the country saying I'm stupid, but the reason I made the change was precisely so that in lowering the temperature in the room, the public coverage would be more about what I said than about what the House Managers said."

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