Bishop Darius Pridgen
(Photo: Screen capture)

A Monday press conference took place in Buffalo, New York, just days after a mass shooting of a grocery store in a predominantly Black neighborhood. Among the speakers was Bishop Darius Pridgen, the Buffalo Council President, who represents Ellicott District and said that it's time to tell the truth about racism and those who promote it.

"Buffalo's known as the city of good neighbors," Pridgen said, citing the city motto. "And that's why it took somebody to come from outside of Buffalo to come into this city of good neighbors. It wasn't somebody from inside, but what happened, and if you walk these streets right now, people have arrived from not just western New York but from across the country. People have come into our churches, people have offered help, and people have stood up."

He continued, saying that it isn't enough to send money, but people must act.

"It's not enough if we don't stand up against racism, if we don't stand up against those who feel that white supremacy as a system is okay," Bishop Pridgen said. "So, I have been encouraging people who have called me all day long to say what can I do? Tell the truth. Tell the truth that this is not the only racist, not the only white supremacist believer in our country. And have the uncomfortable conversations at home. Have the uncomfortable conversations on your job. Lose some friends who disagree with you."

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He also urged those who have Black people that they love in their lives to reach out and check on them and make it clear to them that what happened in Buffalo, New York shouldn't be tolerated.

See the statement below or at this link.

'Tell the truth. This isn't the only racist': Buffalo councilman