Rudy Giuliani is desperately begging Trump to help as feds close in -- and is being ignored: report
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani on CNN (screengrab)

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was a central figure in two separate scandals that twice resulted in former President Donald Trump's impeachment, is reportedly being ignored as he begs his one-time boss for help.

The Daily Beast is reporting that Giuliani and his allies have been sending frantic pleas for help after the FBI raided the former New York mayor's apartment earlier this spring.

Trump, however, has refused to come to Giuliani's rescue, which has led to "simmering frustrations" among Giuliani's allies.

Among other things, Giuliani wants Trump's financial help in dealing with legal costs stemming from the investigation, and to also put out a statement claiming that all of Giuliani's work in Ukraine was done on behalf of him and the United States government, not foreign interests.

So far, those entreaties have fallen on deaf ears.

"Two people close to Trump say they have urged the former president to lay low on the matter and to refrain from making too many statements or commitments on Giuliani and the federal probe," the Daily Beast writes. "Various people in Trump's social and political orbits have been trying to convince the former president for years that Giuliani has been too great a liability for him, and they have suggested that he cut the lawyer loose."