Man arrested outside Capitol was in possession of 'a fake badge, a BB gun, body armor, high capacity magazines'
A Capitol Police officer stands guard in front of the US Capitol Building, on June 14, 2017 (AFP)

The United States Capitol Police on Friday said that they had arrested a man outside the United States Capitol building who was carrying a number of potentially threatening items.

Specifically, the police said that 53-year-old Michigan resident Jerome Felipe was arrested on Friday morning after being found possessing "a fake badge, a BB gun, body armor, high capacity magazines, and other ammunition."

Police say that Felipe, who is himself a retired police officer, approached Capitol officers and told them he was conducting a criminal investigation while presenting them with a badge that stated he was a member of the "Department of the INTERPOL."

After determining the badge was fake, they detained Felipe and received his permission to search his vehicle, which is where they found the ammunition, BB gun, and body armor.

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Capitol Police say that no real guns were found in the van, however.

The department says it is still trying to determine why Felipe was outside the Capitol building. He is facing charges of unlawful possession of high capacity magazines and unregistered ammo.

Read the Capitol Police's full statement on the arrest at this link.