'Very bad news for Peter Navarro' after criminal indictment: CNN legal analyst
Peter Navarro (screengrab)

Reacting to breaking news that former Donald Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro has been indicted by a grand jury on contempt of Congress charges, CNN's Elie Hoenig explained that his legal situation is quite different than other White House insiders who are also being investigated.

Appearing on CNN's "Inside Politics" with host John King, the former prosecutor stated Navarro, who found his way into the Oval Office after Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner discovered him during a search on Amazon about China, is in big trouble.

"First of all, focusing on the narrow issue of Peter Navarro, this is bad news for Peter Navarro," Hoenig explained. "This is serious. This is a federal indictment; the United States versus Peter Navarro."

"If he's convicted he can go to prison for up to a year," he continued. before adding, "It's important to note, this is an unusual law that says if he's convicted, he has to go to prison for at least one month. The stakes here are very real and, bigger picture John, it somewhat answers the question of well, will the Justice Department and back up the committee and Congress when people defy their subpoenas."

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"As we know, Peter Navarro was one of several people who defied subpoenas. Congress held Peter Navarro in contempt, sent it to the DOJ, and DOJ has now charged Peter Navarro with a crime," he elaborated. "There's a message to other people who may be considering defying the committee."

"I think if I'm somebody thinking about well, should I comply with the subpoena to testify in hearings? I'm taking note of this indictment of Navarro, and that could push me toward testifying," he added.

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