'Crazy has started to metastasize at every single level in the GOP': Ex-Republican Congressman
Qanon believers at a rally. (Screenshot)

Former Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) on Wednesday told CNN's John Berman that he is deeply concerned about the direction his party has taken ever since former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 election.

During the interview, Berman noted that state Republican parties have been embracing conspiracy theories about the pro-Trump Capitol riots being "false flag" operations intended to frame Trump supporters as criminals.

Riggleman said that this was a very worrisome sign for the GOP as a whole.

"Crazy has started to metastasize at every single level in the GOP," he said. "I'm seeing it here in Virginia. And I'll tell both of you, I was in a town here in central Virginia and saw that there were Trump/Pence signs on the road. Someone had taken a black can of spray paint and painted out Pence's name on some of these signs and put some very nasty words there [that] rhymed with, 'Luck Pence.'"

Riggleman held particular scorn for QAnon-loving Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who was revealed this week to be supportive of a conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton murdering an infant.

"Not only is it crazy, it is par for the course with Marjorie Taylor Greene," he said. "I have to wonder at this point if there's something mentally there that we have to worry about."

Watch the video below.