Trump's proposed social media platform will be used to set off 'Jan 6 Part Deux': terrorism expert

Taking to Twitter, a former FBI official specializing in counter-terrorism warned that the much-derided plan by Donald Trump to create an alternative social media platform to compete with Twitter and Facebook will likely be used by supporters of the ex-president to plot yet another assault on the U.S. government.

On Sunday, Trump spokesperson Jason Miller appeared on Fox News to claim that the former president is in talks to launch his own-branded social media platform that he claims will not only "redefine the game" but also will attract tens of millions of users. While the concept was much derided by critics of the president, former FBI agent Clint Watts claims the launch could be problematic and subject to economics but also could become a hotbed of conspiracy claims and rabble-rousing such as what was seen prior to the assault on January 6th that led lawmakers to flee for their lives.

According to Watts, "Idea Trump wants to start own social media platform tells you he understands how to make the media pay attention to him on Twitter, but nothing about how social media works. Social media runs on ads, only so many Goya & MyPillows around, if it's all trolls, will get boring quick."

He then added, "Trump would need Fox News to cover his social media platform relentlessly to monetize an increasingly smaller base, but then comes the moderation problem, would not be long till things get out of control, then guess what happens? Jan 6 Part Deux."

According to the counter-terrorism expert, he also believes that Trump is using it as a get-rich-quick scheme to patch over his immediate financial needs with investor money.

"May just be a band-aid to patch financial difficulties & sucker investors that don't understand social media," he wrote.

You can see his tweets below: