MAGA rioter who bragged he was fighting 'the commies' nabbed by feds in New York: report

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast reported that the Justice Department has arrested another January 6 Capitol rioter in New York.

According to the press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia, Eric Gerwatowski played a key role in rallying the other rioters to force their way inside the barricaded Capitol.

"On Jan. 6, Gerwatowski was at the front of a crowd just outside the Upper House Doors," said the release. "U.S. Capitol Police were attempting to close these doors to prevent further rioters from getting into the building. Gerwatowski pulled open one of the doors that the Capitol Police had just closed. Two officers were standing directly inside and had just tried to secure the entrance, in plain sight to Gerwatowski and others. Once he pulled open the door, Gerwatowski turned to the crowd and yelled, 'Let’s go! He directed more rioters inside and went in, too."

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Per the Beast report, "He also appeared in multiple videos outside of the Capitol building, allegedly telling one interviewer that he entered the Capitol because 'the commies are trying to steal the country.'"

The FBI complaint reveals that a Capitol Police officer who encountered Gerwatowski as he was rallying the crowd into the building stood down because he had just come from the gallery where rioter Ashli Babbitt was fatally shot while trying to force her way through a broken window. Babbitt's death has become a rallying point and a source of conspiracy theories for supporters of the January 6 perpetrators.

More than 750 people have been charged for their role in the attack.