'What took so long?': Former prosecutor says 'critical' new MAGA riot subpoenas could seal the case
Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Photo by Marc Nozell from Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA (Rudy Giuliani) [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

On CNN Tuesday, former federal prosecutor Laura Coates reacted to the new subpoenas from the House January 6 Committee targeting pro-Trump lawyers Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Boris Epshteyn.

"People are probably wondering to themselves, what took so long?" said Coates. "These were people that were prominent in the media for their role in promoting the Big Lie which, in part, developed into the January 6th insurrection. But the timing of it is so critical here because it's the end of the investigation, toward the end of more than 300 witnesses at this point in time by the committee. I'm assuming they've had all those people to lay the foundational bricks to corroborate in anticipation of their testimony. And as a prosecutor, why you do that is because you want to have all of your I's dotted and T's crossed to compare their statements against other statements and build enough evidence to decipher truth from fiction."

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Coates then explained that it will likely be worth the wait for these two witnesses, as the committee has had months to compile and corroborate evidence.

"That these people, the most prominent of all and up to, of course, the president of the United States, the former president, having them at this juncture is really telling me that they were building, in many respects, a lot of corroborating evidence that could support and substantiate early witnesses and now they're going to compare what they say now," added Coates. "And I note Sidney Powell, for one, has civil lawsuits already in terms of defamation and her statements on Dominion, as does Giuliani. So they have that wealth of evidence as well."

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