Capitol rioter unwittingly ranted about civil war and 'the Jews' to undercover FBI source: court filings
Capitol rioter with alleged Nazi sympathies claims that he didn't know Congress meets inside Capitol building

A man who is currently facing prison time for his participation in the January 6th Capitol riots ranted to an undercover FBI source about starting a civil war and purging Jews from American society.

In a new court filing flagged by CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, the United States Department of Justice reveals that Capitol rioter Tim Hale-Cusanelli told the FBI source that "I really f*cking wish there'd be civil war" because it "would provide a clean slate."

When the source noted that "a whole bunch of people would die" as a result, Hale-Cusanelli seemed unperturbed by the idea.

"As Jefferson said, the price -- the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants," he replied.

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In a separate conversation, Hale-Cusanelli said he would give American Jews "24 hours to leave the country" and would then "just arrest them all."

He then clarified this by saying that "not all the Jews" would be arrested, but "a lot."

"I would purge Congress," he added. "None of them have any use. They're all a bunch of insider-trading c*nts."