Judge scolds Capitol-storming honor student for not using 'reason and common sense' she learned in debate club

A 20-year-old Capitol-storming honor student and recent high school graduate was scolded during her sentencing hearing on Wednesday for not using the "reason and common sense" she presumably acquired during her time on her high school debate team.

As reported by CBS News' Scott MacFarlane, Judge Beryl Howell noted that Jan. 6 defendant Kayli Munn was not only an honor student, but also a talented member of her schools speech and debate club.

Howell, before sentencing Munn to three months probation, remarked that the defendant's skill as a debater showed she could "use reason and common sense" that she apparently lacked when she went with her family into the Capitol after it had been breached by rioters.

Earlier in the hearing, Munn tried to explain her family's actions, which she acknowledged went way over the line.

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"We should’ve stopped at the steps," Kayli said, according to MacFarlane. "We should’ve turned around... we were trying to have our voices be heard... we had an idea in our heads that we were fighting a monster."

Howell then asked Munn to describe the "monster" she believed they were fighting, but she deflected.

"What we meant to do was not what we did," she said. "I apologize for that. I wish everyone of us would’ve stopped."

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