Hitler-praising Carl Paladino loses GOP primary for Congress — and 'deals a blow' to Elise Stefanik
Carl Paladino (WGRZ)

After wishing Barack Obama would die of mad cow disease, praising Hitler, spreading covid misinformation on Facebook and calling for US Attorney General Merrick Garland to be executed, Carl Paladino lost his party's nomination tonight to New York state Republican Party Chair Nick Langworthy.

As Raw Story reported earlier today, Paladino's campaign was most recently advised by staunch Trump supporter Elise Stefanik's staff.

As reporter Bob Brigham noted:

The New York Timesreported in June, "Carl P. Paladino, a Republican running for a House seat in Western New York, praised Adolf Hitler last year for inspiring his followers, describing the fascist dictator as 'the kind of leader we need today.' Mr. Paladino did not specifically condone Hitler’s actions in his remarks, which he made in a 2021 radio interview that was unearthed on Thursday. But he said he was impressed by how the German leader and head of the Nazi Party 'aroused the crowd' in his speeches and suggested that Republicans in New York and Washington ought to emulate his approach."

"On the eve of the NY primary, Elise Stefanik held a telephone rally for controversial GOP candidate Carl Paladino, per source. In another sign of Stefanik’s investment in the race, 2 aides from her political operation are on the ground advising Paladino on comms/strategy," CNN's Melanie Zanona reported,

"Stefanik endorsed Paladino, who has long history of controversial remarks, early on," Zanona explained. "And she has continued to not only stand by him, but also stump for him — even after he most recently suggested AG Merrick Garland should be 'executed.' (He later said he was being facetious.)"

Earlier tonight, Langworthy declared victory, while Paladino refused to concede.

As WKBW noted earlier today, "Langworthy racked up more endorsements from local Republicans in the district, although Paladino had the backing of Rep. Elise Stefanik (N.Y.), who is the No. 3 Republican in the House. Paladino’s loss is also a blow to Stefanik and her clout. When the seat opened up in June with the retirement of Rep. Chris Jacobs (N.Y.), Stefanik quickly backed Paladino — reportedly much to the surprise and frustration of other House GOP leaders, not to mention Langworthy."

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