Accused MAGA rioter squirms when reporter tells him feds have photos of him destroying property
Screen cap / WPRI

An accused MAGA rioter squirmed this week after a local news reporter told him that federal prosecutors have photographs of him destroying property during the January 6th riots at the United States Capitol building.

In an interview with WPRI 12, 25-year-old Chase Allen claimed that he was simply at the Capitol building on January 6th to document what was happening and that he wasn't there as a supporter of former President Donald Trump.

WPRI 25 reporter Shiina LoSciuto, however, informed him that "there are photos of you, reportedly, kind of stomping on camera equipment" that are being used as evidence that he destroyed property.

"Is that you in that picture the FBI is putting out?" she asked him.

"Uhm, I would not like to comment on that at this time," an uncomfortable Allen replied. "I'm working everything out with the courts and whatnot. Uhm, that's that."

LoSciuto also says that Allen told her that he does not yet have an attorney to represent him.

Watch the video below.